Data Centres

Data Centre Project
United Kingdom

An existing data centre substation built and maintained for over 20 years was replaced in 2017. Critically important to the data centre upgrade was to maintain security of supply to the existing data centre. This project involved transferring data centre supply from the network utility, onsite generation and fast responding uninterruptible power supplies to a modern designed switchgear arrangement with complete redundancy.  The new substation includes ten fire-separated high voltage switch rooms to house the new high voltage equipment.

Powercomm designed, procured, installed, commissioned and energised the new switch rooms with no loss of supply. This project involved:

  • Design of the High Voltage system controls, protection, metering, remote switching panels and battery systems.
  • Design of appropriate redundancy on aspects from battery systems to switchgear.
  • Cable diversion works on the 11kV network
  • Procurement of all electrical equipment
  • Project management.
  • Over 150 high voltage terminations.
  • Commissioning of G59 protection relays including witnessed by the network utility.
  • Full commissioning of each substation including high voltage cable circuits.

Project Summary

  • On schedule
  • 100% project successful completion
  • Zero onsite incidents

Renewable Generation

Meenaward Windfarm and Rushfield 38kV Station, Ireland

Donegal, Ireland

Ireland’s first contestable build 38kV AIS loop substation and 20kV Independent Power Producer (IPP) electrical substation to facilitate the connection of wind power generation to the electrical grid. Powercomm were the PSPD and PSCS for the project managing all civils aspects, liaising with ESB Networks, client developer and principal supply procurement.

Design and build package including procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of all electrical and civil works.

The electrical project scope involved full Electrical Balance of Plant Works (EBoP) including procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of all electrical and civil works.  Powercomm completed all necessary grid connection electrical and SCADA system for connection of the wind farm to the ESB Network, involving:

  • A complete suite of power simulation analysis.
  • Design of the outdoor air insulation substation (AIS) and indoor MV switchgear. The design comprised of a grid transformer, MV switchgear, protection relays, voltage/current measurement and ancillary equipment.
  • Design of the power/control/communication cabling between the wind turbines, the wind farm substation and ESB substation.
  • Installation of all assets.
  • 20kV collector circuit cabling and jointing
  • Site wide Fibre Optic Cabling system
  • Commissioning of High Voltage system controls, protection, metering and battery systems.
  • Submittal of Declaration of Fitness of IPP site

Project Summary

  • Completed on schedule
  • 100% project successful completion
  • Zero onsite incidents

Transmission and Distribution

Kilpaddoge 220/110kV substation
Co. Kerry, Ireland

EirGrid planned the new Kilpaddoge substation in parallel with other transmission substations in the south west region. The driver for this substation as detailed in EirGrid’s Grid Strategy is security of supply and to replace some of the functionality of the existing Tarbert 220kV substation.

Killpaddoge is a Gas Insulation Substation using ABB ELK switchgear for both the 220kV and 110kV substation. The GIS 220kV station is a 20 bay eight-way dual busbar including three sectionalisers and two bus couplers. It is the most recently built 220kV GIS substation in Ireland and also has the largest number of bays built at one time.

Powercomm’s project scope involved commissioning and submitting the declaration of fitness (DOF) for the switchgear and protection relays.

Equipment testing, and commissioning included:

  • Substation Earthgrid Impedance Testing.
  • Substation Earthgrid Step and Touch Voltage Testing.
  • 250MVA 220/110kV Transformer Tan-Delta, Ratio, DC Resistance & SCI
  • 220/110kV VT & CT Ratio, Insulation, Class & Burden.
  • SF6 Monitoring and lockout functions.
  • Control, Indication & Alarms Verification with National and Local Control.
  • ABB 220/110kV GIS Switchgear Control & Interlocking.
  • 250MVA 220/110kV Transformer Stability Testing.

Protection relay testing and commissioning of the following:

  • Siemens 7SA612 220/110kV Line Distance Protection.
  • Toshiba GRL100-702D 220/110kV Line Distance/Differential Protection.
  • Toshiba GRB100 220/110kV Busbar Differential and CBF Protection.
  • Siemens 7SJ612 220/110kV Sectionaliser & Coupler Overcurrent Protection.
  • 220/110kV Busbar Stability Testing
  • Siemens 7SA612 220/110kV Transformer Impedance Protection.
  • End to End Reclosing, Impedance & Differential Testing with Remote Stations.
  • ABB RET670 220/110kV Transformer Differential & REF Protection.
  • ABB Synchrotach5 Control Synchronising Scheme.
  • Toshiba GRZ100 110kV Line Distance Protection.
  • Toshiba GRL100-206B 110kV Line Differential Protection.

Project Summary

  • Completed ahead of schedule
  • 100% project successful completion
  • Zero onsite incidents

Selection of other projects

Some of the larger projects we have being involved in are:

Power – Design, Protection, Control, Configuration & Implementation up to 400 kV
Multiple ESB Networks Projects
UK National Grid

Power Plants
Kelwin Power Plant – 110/33kV Sub Station

Wind Farms
Tullahennel Co Kerry – 37 MW Wind Farm
Meenaward Wind Farm – 38kV
Ballycumber Wind Farm – 38kV
Teigies Wind Farm – 33kV
Slieveglass Wind Farm – 33kV
Eshmore Wind Farm – 33kV
Altamushkin Wind Farm – 33kV
Shantavny Wind Farms – 33kV
Crockbrack Wind Farm – 20kV

Data Centres
Client Direct – 30 MW UK Based Hyperscale data centre
Sub contract – Multiple high-profile data centres

Typical Data Centre Activities
MV Installation, Upgrade, Commissioning

Commissioning projects
Kilpaddogue 220/110kV Transmission Station
Ballinahulla 220/110kV Transmission Station
Rasharkin 110/33kV Transmission Station
Tremogue 110/33kV Transmission Station
Drumquin 110/33kV Transmission Station
Tullybrack 110/38kV Distribution Station
Leanamore38kV Distribution Station
Abbeyfeale 38kV Distribution Station
London Array Offshore Wind Project