Corporate Social Responsibility

Powercomm conduct our business in an ethical manner and in accordance with current internationally recognised best practice with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility. We are ever mindful of our duty to our employees, business partners, the communities we work within and our environment to create a sustainable future for all stakeholders, individuals and localities affected by our various operations.

Our people are our most valued resource. Their health, safety and well-being is our primary concern. We promote diversity, equal opportunity, respect and personal development within our company and among our colleagues. We believe this approach builds strong working relationships, supports work-life balance and delivers inherent benefits to the wider community.

We are a community based organisation. While international in nature, our work is delivered locally with significant interaction with the communities we work within. At all times, we seek to increase community integration and promote a legacy of social diversity and inclusivity. We support, through active involvement and financial contribution, community based initiatives which seek to build local infrastructure, support local needs and foster community integration.

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Corporate Social Responsibility