Testing & Commissioning

Powercomm offers full testing and commissioning services up to 400kV. Our skilled teams specialise in projects from unit substations in a commercial setting to larger transmission, distribution and generation plants for Utilities, power producers, data centres and renewable generation.

Our expertise covers all the different aspects of commissioning for HV/MV solutions from 3.3kV to 400kV, employing our state-of-the-art test equipment and diagnostic capabilities to assure excellent service results. Powercomm have developed a highly skilled commissioning team that have extensive knowledge and experience to carry out all stages of the commissioning process from point to point wiring checks, function checks to complex protection scheme testing.

We also offer commissioning consultancy/support using designated personnel to meet your specific requirements, providing specialist assistance with fault finding, electrical systems, technical guidance, commissioning witnessing and handover.

Our Senior Authorised Persons (SAP) are available during energisation for switching of customer equipment or for de-energisation and isolation of customer equipment.

To maintain our ambitious standards the Powercomm Group consistently invests in our people and dedicated professional test equipment which enables our teams to carry out these specialised commissioning projects.

We offer a full testing, commissioning and fault-finding service to utilities, independent power developers and end user clients. To complete this level of testing Powercomm have procured a large quantity of specialised test equipment. Specialist test equipment for both primary and secondary commissioning including Omicron, Megger, b2 High Voltage, and SF6 DILO test equipment.

Typically testing includes

  • Soil resistivity measurements
  • Final earth electrode resistance
  • Functional checks
  • Voltage segregation
  • Insulation testing
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), SF6 Sampling
  • Pressure tests
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio, mag curves, burden
  • VT’s – Ratio, polarity, burden
  • Neutral Voltage Displacement schemes
  • Intertripping schemes
  • Primary and secondary equipment
  • Circuit breaker injection timing tests
  • VLF Cable Testing
  • Transformer condition assessment such as
    • HV & LV winding insulation tests
    • Winding ratio checks
    • Dissipation factor (tan delta)
    • Frequency response analysis
    • Winding resistance
    • Bucholz
    • Oil sampling
  • Protection relay testing
    • Distance protection
    • Transformer protection
    • Generation protection
    • Differential protection
    • Buszone protection
    • Directional protection
    • Loss of Mains and Interface protection